why can't we have nice things​/​why we can't have nice things

by low fields

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    9 songs plus 1 bonus song that is a cover of some good friends of mine. hope you enjoy~

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this is about leaving home, not being sure about what the future holds, and anxiety. thank you for listening and everyone who put up with me as i wrote and recorded all this


released April 1, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: the end
ashes fell in my cup of water
from my face into the cup
my body is burning
turning back into dust
and i don't know if i should let go
or jump in
i dissolve to make myself fit into where i am
and i'm more or less afraid
of finding out that this is who i am
i'm ashamed of what i've done with myself
so i called my mom and dad
said i'm sorry that it's late
and i'm sorry for disappointing you
and for saying that i hated you
and i'm sorry for hurting you
and for all the times i walked out on you
and to my brothers
i love you
you were always there for me
in the winter when i got sad
you held my hand and spoke
said "it'll be ok when it's over
it's cold here, but spring is on its way
and we're sorry for hurting you
and that you feel this way
but the weather's getting warmer
and you have a place to be"
and for connor, my friend, you saved me
when i wanted to die
you said it's ok to be afraid
but if you go so will i
cause the world is so big and full of people
just like you, like me
and to understand this means everything
to know you're not alone
even when you feel like
no one could begin to understand
why it is you want to die
when the pressure's just too much
lift your head and you will see
that we all want the same thing
just try to get it differently
and when you're stuck in bed
and your head is burning from a fever that just won't break
when you can't get up or even speak out loud
look at me, keep breathing
open your eyes, the sun is up now
it's time to go to sleep for a little while

cause life isn't worth living
if i spend so much time inside my head
it's time to let go and start seeing
all the things that i've been missing
and i'm sorry to everyone that i've hurt throughout my life
i don't know why i did it, i don't know why i tried
and i don't know who i am, and i don't know who i've been
and i don't know where i want to go
and i don't know where i've been
and i don't know who i want to be
and i don't know who i am
so if you'll just listen, you'll see that i'm trying
to make sense of everything
and to grow and learn from it
i'm sorry for hurting you
i'm sorry for not caring
i'm sorry for not missing you
i'm sorry for not talking to you
and not caring
Track Name: i am awake
do you feel alone?
do you feel anything?
do want to be
better than you are right now?

i watched a tree get cut down
and turned into a house
we hide from everything
and complain that no one is there with us

but we don't do a thing about it
we sit around just waiting for something to happen
but nothing ever will, or does
if we don't do anything

and i've heard too many people
say i'm ready for life to start
and i wonder what they've been doing
if they haven't been living
why keep waiting?
Track Name: broken mirrors
reasons for living
i can't ever find them
drifting purposeless
through hallways and wastelands
insomnia's my excuse
to live alone
this life of solitude
i haven't escaped from
broken mirrors
tell stories i once lived
but never occupied
in a good mood
or right mind
you never gave up one me
you just left at the right time
you never promised me
you just wasted all my life