life's a joke (it's not funny)

by low fields

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released October 28, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: together and lonely
gotta find a way out of here

gotta find a way out of here

set fire to myself so i can see

set fire to myself so i can see

i wish i could disappear

i wish i could disappear

no ones sure what happens when you die

just that you won’t be coming back

i gave up on everything

i gave up on everything

just to watch the colors fade

and blend together until it’s all gray

close your eyes and say, “i’m ok

it’s ok, we’re ok

together and lonely”
Track Name: not having a plan (oldie)
let's find a reason to
sleep in
and stay up late
in hotel rooms
in cities that we've never been to
and let's start waking up
and taking life seriously
cause i'm scared
that we're running out of time

and growing up
means moving on
from all the things
i wanna hold on to
can we pretend?
it'll be this way forever
Track Name: give up
i'm screaming out for someone to help me
by repeating "it's ok"
i wish that you could hear me
but my voice doesn't make a sound

keep living in this recurring nightmare
of waking up every day
i just wanna dream forever
at least then i'll feel ok

why do i keep trying
just to let everyone down
why don't i care more than i do
i wish that i could
Track Name: college
i thought growing up meant so much more
than feeling so alone
and losing touch with all my friends

and i thought going back to school
would prove something to you
that just shows me how much i have left to learn

now i feel so stupid
and i'm a lot poorer than i was before i decided
to go back to college

and i hate owning up to mistakes that i shouldn't have made at all
i wish i was still a kid and saying sorry meant something still
and everything is important
everything is also something that shouldn't stress me out
and nothing is as important as every fucking thing i do

ut instead
i spend every day inside my bed
thinking of things inside my head
wondering where i'm headed to
and i'm not really sure
but i know that you won't be there with me
you call me on the phone
just to tell me that you're sorry
Track Name: teenage kid with low self esteem
i took a pill
and i passed out
i danced around
and felt more alive than i have before

won't you marry me
under these trees
and take my hand
and never leave me alone

i don't know why
i'm so lonely
surrounded by my friends
and family they all love me

but i'm addicted to disappointment
Track Name: full moon
i tried to open
shut down by the weight
of all the bad
decision i've made

the world is small
we're just fractions of that
stay so busy
like it matters at all

we walked on the beach
and you held my hand
and told me you're happy
just where you are

i wish that i was
a part of that place
it's so hard being
so far away

don't worry
life is so long
when you realize
it's all that we've got