dem o's

by low fields

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released November 22, 2014



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Track Name: circle k (ok)
everyone is out to get me
i don't have a clue
touch me on the arm and ask me
where i'm headed to

i don't have answers to yr questions
won't u please leave me alone
inside my room
inside this house
i don't have a home

i don't have the answers
to anything you see
dont u take my by the hand
take me far away
Track Name: twins
can't make the good things stay
look in my eyes and walk away
she's got secrets underneath her tongue
it is happening again
switched out for another face
in the mirror with a smile
turn around while the record skips
send me home
send me home

talk to another man
take his fire away from him
don't ask me my name
i don't know who i am
i don't know who i am
i don't know who i am
i don't know who i am
i don't know who i am
Track Name: theres nothing there
everything is still
we watch for what comes next
at the end of the day
what good have i done
what good have i done

ill go my whole life
searching for something to live for
none finds purpose in their self
we chase after what isn’t there
to prove that theres nothing there

and if there was
something filling the empty
i’d run if i could
life’s full of wrong turns
and i’ve made too many